Content & Cocktails


Paid Ads

I collaborated on a team to create a Paid Facebook Ad to build brand awareness. Our goal was to generate web traffic to our website through clicks and share our podcast’s mission. I conducted an analysis to specify who our target audience is (‘Unemployed, Female Graduates passionate about Marketing’), their interests, and location. Additionally, I played a large role in forming the ad concept.

This ad went live for 5 days on a limited budget and reached 7,146 people with 119 clicks. We achieved our goal of increasing website clicks with an average CPC was $0.66.

The Results

Product Design

Created crewneck designs with my team via Canva. Merchandise made available on Shopify.


Using Later, I scheduled a post for @Contentandcocktails at an optimal time. My goal was to emulate the brand’s fun voice and craft copy that entices action.

Wine Cooler Giveaway

The Goal. To increase brand awareness and social engagement on our Instagram.

The Strategy. A graphic was created on Canva and scheduled as a post, then promoted as an ad.

The Results. The $50 promotion reached 3,340 people88 promotion clicks, and 237 profile clicks within 5 days. 81% of our new followers came from our promotion.

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