Marketing Course Projects

Skechers: Rebranding

The Problem/Opportunity. The college market is promising for Skechers but the company hasn’t segmented the market in the past. My team and I were faced with the decision problem: How do we pick up share in the college market for Skechers?

The Objective. To determine the best way to target the college student and produce the best commercial video to release to our newly wanted market.

The Research. We gathered secondary research, conducted personal interviews and focus groups (qualitative research) and conducted an online questionnaire. Each form of research helped us figure out key factors that would help to create an effective commercial with the appropriate tone and message.

Responsibilities: Video Concept, Direction, Edit & Production

Chipper: Caffeine Chips

The Problem/Opportunity. The problem of hunger and lethargy— sometimes simultaneously experienced— was the pain point of many college students and young professionals. My team and I (hypothetically) created Chipper, a company that produces plant based caffeine chips to satisfy anyone’s hunger and caffeine fix.

The Objective. To create a detailed marketing plan including industry and competitor research, SWOT analysis, marketing mix analysis, procurement, web design, and a Chipper commercial.

Responsibilities: Video Concept, Direction, Edit & Production

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