“I Heard It on a Podcast”

Influencer Marketing
Podcast Notebook

The Goal

Natalie Peters, co-host of the #1 Marketing Podcast found a solution to a problem amongst podcast listeners— forgetting what the podcast was all about. She created The Original Pod Pad, a notebook where one can jot down all their podcast notes and reflections in an organized, fill-in fashion. We wanted to promote the Pod Pad and increase brand awareness with no budget.

The Strategy + Execution

We decided to collaborate with micro-influencers and ask that they post an Instagram story of their free Pod Pad. Using HubSpot, we were able to track email communication with 20+ influencers from initial outreach to close deal.

The Results

Influencers created social media content (posts and stories) which created buzz and increased brand awareness. All proceeds from the Pod Pad were donated to The Loveland Foundation, a BLM Charity.

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