Big hair. Bigger dreams.

A dedicated marketer with a creative and determined attitude towards growing brands and helping others.

Born in Orange County, California, studied Marketing at Cal State University Fullerton, and now living in Los Angeles County.

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13 Random Facts

Because you clicked the ‘About’ tab, I think you deserve to know me a bit better. I thank and admire you for your curiosity— It’s a great thing.

Here are some of my personal opinions, ideas, facts, and perspectives.

  1. Balance, Authenticity, and Courage are the three values I live by.

2. The best people, ideas, and experiences are the most dynamic ones. They make you feel two different things at the same time. I’m sure you’ve experienced it before. The human experience is crazy, right?

3. My immediate family pronounces my name AH-LEE-SA. Everyone else, UH-LISS-AH. I love the separation, I don’t know why.

4. I question everything. Yes, even my own questions.

5. Sushi… Just. Sushi.

6. Current Obsession: Polaroid Minis (other than hand sanitizer, my polaroid has not left my side since December 2020).

7. Current Read: Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris… 7a. I tend to gravitate towards books about real life stuff. I find people and their lives interesting. Tribe of Mentors gives me a lot of that. Highly recommend.

8. I love dreaming. I think it’s the closest thing to a super power I (we) have. I make sure to pay close attention to them.

9. I am easily moved, inspired, and in awe of what humans and the earth can create— beautiful architecture, an immaculate cake, a pink-hued sunset, IKEA showrooms, you name it.

10. My FAVORITE punctuation to use— the EM dash (—). Can you tell?

11. Favorite sounds: strings and piano. If instruments could cry, I believe strings are the most accurate representation of it. I love them.

12. Favorite scent: frying garlic. Don’t enjoy the taste, just the aroma. It’s a nostalgic scent that reminds me of my grandmother cooking in the morning.

13. A day without dancing is a day incomplete in my book.