Marketing Course Projects

Skechers: Rebranding

The Problem/Opportunity. The college market is promising for Skechers but the company hasn’t segmented the market in the past. My team and I were faced with the decision problem: How do we pick up share in the college market for Skechers?

The Objective. To determine the best way to target the college student and produce the best commercial video to release to our newly wanted market.

The Research. We gathered secondary research, conducted personal interviews and focus groups (qualitative research) and conducted an online questionnaire. Each form of research helped us figure out key factors that would help to create an effective commercial with the appropriate tone and message.

Responsibilities: Video Concept, Direction, Edit & Production

Chipper: Caffeine Chips

The Problem/Opportunity. The problem of hunger and lethargy— sometimes simultaneously experienced— was the pain point of many college students and young professionals. My team and I (hypothetically) created Chipper, a company that produces plant based caffeine chips to satisfy anyone’s hunger and caffeine fix.

The Objective. To create a detailed marketing plan including industry and competitor research, SWOT analysis, marketing mix analysis, procurement, web design, and a Chipper commercial.

Responsibilities: Video Concept, Direction, Edit & Production

Smolder Cosmetics: Content Creation

At Smolder Cosmetics, I was given the opportunity to increase customer engagement and community growth by creating Instagram Ads that aligned with the brand’s voice and optimized for conversions.

By collaborating closely with the Smolder Cosmetics team, we were able to revise the marketing plan and execute brand transformation through product flat lays and YouTube content.

Facebook Banner
Midnight Dreamer Palette Tutorial
Instagram Ad

Global Beauty

Global Beauty, a private skincare label, decided that they wanted to create their audio interview with Trademark Attorney, Erica D’Angelo into a blogpost and accompanying email newsletter.

The article. The objective was to write an article that was visual, informative, and SEO friendly. Writing the blogpost with our selected keyword in mind helped Global Beauty relay helpful information that was more searchable— making for maximum SEO value to their site.

The E-mail Marketing Strategy. Global Beauty also wanted to drive clicks to their audio episode directly from an email newsletter. I wanted to create an e-mail newsletter promoting the episode and article with engaging headlines, interesting visuals, and clear call-to-action buttons. This will help keep Global Beauty’s audience engaged, deepen brand awareness, and create more meaningful customer relationships.

Content & Cocktails


Paid Ads

I collaborated on a team to create a Paid Facebook Ad to build brand awareness. Our goal was to generate web traffic to our website through clicks and share our podcast’s mission. I conducted an analysis to specify who our target audience is (‘Unemployed, Female Graduates passionate about Marketing’), their interests, and location. Additionally, I played a large role in forming the ad concept.

This ad went live for 5 days on a limited budget and reached 7,146 people with 119 clicks. We achieved our goal of increasing website clicks with an average CPC was $0.66.

The Results

Product Design

Created crewneck designs with my team via Canva. Merchandise made available on Shopify.


Using Later, I scheduled a post for @Contentandcocktails at an optimal time. My goal was to emulate the brand’s fun voice and craft copy that entices action.

Wine Cooler Giveaway

The Goal. To increase brand awareness and social engagement on our Instagram.

The Strategy. A graphic was created on Canva and scheduled as a post, then promoted as an ad.

The Results. The $50 promotion reached 3,340 people88 promotion clicks, and 237 profile clicks within 5 days. 81% of our new followers came from our promotion.

“I Heard It on a Podcast”

Influencer Marketing
Podcast Notebook

The Goal

Natalie Peters, co-host of the #1 Marketing Podcast found a solution to a problem amongst podcast listeners— forgetting what the podcast was all about. She created The Original Pod Pad, a notebook where one can jot down all their podcast notes and reflections in an organized, fill-in fashion. We wanted to promote the Pod Pad and increase brand awareness with no budget.

The Strategy + Execution

We decided to collaborate with micro-influencers and ask that they post an Instagram story of their free Pod Pad. Using HubSpot, we were able to track email communication with 20+ influencers from initial outreach to close deal.

The Results

Influencers created social media content (posts and stories) which created buzz and increased brand awareness. All proceeds from the Pod Pad were donated to The Loveland Foundation, a BLM Charity.